Mandi has helped me create a greater sense of balance (funny, coming from a yoga teacher) in my entire body, allowing me to relieve chronic tightness while therapeutically addressing old injuries.  
I LOVE showing up at her beautiful, intimate space, swapping teaching stories with her, and getting to work!  Every time I leave a session with her I feel more "plugged in" to my core, more confident, and more alive!  Working with Mandi has re-inspired and re-invigorated my own yoga practice... and given me some new teaching tools along the way!
-Amy Soucy

My mind was pretty much blown with Mandi. On a basic level she's a competent, knowledgeable and patient teacher. What makes her special is the following:
*I actually enjoy and look forward to my sessions. For real. I would go 4 times a week if I could afford it. *I feel great, have more energy and my pain is essentially gone.  *She will never annoy you with false enthusiasm. She will never speak to you like a child or a dummy. When she does praise you it's earned and feels great.
Go to her. She is awesome.
-Amy T.

Finding Mandi was like finding the key to change. Her dedication to our sessions is as incomparable as her intelligence and innovation. I've discovered a body of knowledge that I take with me into daily life. For me, this is much more than Pilates and Personal training, it's a lifestyle of discovery and physical awareness. I've worked with Mandi for the past 8 years and I can't wait for 30 more!
-Lawson Harris, owner of The Lab 

I've been with Mandi for three years, and she has literally changed my life. Yes, there are the physical results (narrowed torso, tighter waist, smoother thighs), but there are also the mental results as well. Our workouts have made me think anything is possible. As for the Mandi Method of Teaching, she is alternately nurturing, tough, and fun. This is someone who can bring you in as a beginner and pull you through into the advanced pilates that will make you wonder, "How did I DO that?" 
-Michele Mitchell, Film at 11tv

I've taken Pilates for many years with a variety of instructors. Mandi Neubecker by far is the best instructor I've ever worked with. What sets Mandi apart, among other things, is her ability to take what you give her and turn it around so that you get what you need. In my case, if I tell her my physical and, equally as important, mental goals, she listens, she looks, and then she pulls and pushes me until I get there. It has only been training with Mandi where I've been so centered that I've had powerful moments of clarity while doing Pilates. I've also never had so many "Hey, you look taller" comments. Working with Mandi has made a big difference in my life, and I really find it difficult to imagine training with anyone else. And the kick-ass attitude and sense of humor doesn't hurt either…
-Mike K.

Mandi has been my Pilates instructor for the past six months and I have seen incredible changes in my body, my posture, energy levels and overall well being. I was new to Pilates and explained to her what my goals were and what I wanted from the sessions. Over the past six months of doing Pilates once a week, Mandi has reintroduced me to my own body. I have a more comprehensive understanding of my movements, the way my muscles should work, how my bone structure, tendons and ligaments should all function together in a healthy and cohesive way.
I'm stronger now than I ever was. Chronic pains I used to experience such as low back and neck tension have completely disappeared. The cellulite on the backs of my legs has also disappeared which is a plus!
After a session with Mandi I feel confident, clear minded, energetic and completely de-stressed. Not only is she a fantastic instructor but she's also so kind, uplifting, funny and supportive! I'm completely addicted to  Pilates with Mandi!!  I recommend her to anyone and everyone...she's that awesome.
-Natasha K.